Steve Schwat

  • Principal

As a District of Columbia resident for the better part of a quarter century, Mr. Schwat offers the unique ability to forecast the direction and trend of revitalization potential in many of the District’s classic neighborhoods. Steve delivers a keen sense of style and functional trends combined with an acute attention to detail throughout the development and management phases of all projects. Steve has participated in a number of entrepreneurial ventures including investing in real estate since 1996. Steve’s extensive experience began with designing and co-managing the renovation of an 1897 Chevy Chase home and co-general contracting several medium-sized construction projects in the District and Prince George’s County. Since joining UIP, he has managed the construction and renovation of over 1,500 apartment units. He is well versed in working with architects and construction companies; locating and investigating opportunities; creating and analyzing initial purchase, construction, and sales estimates; overseeing planning, construction, and draws; and more. He works with real estate sales and marketing professionals in designing marketing materials including signage, renderings, sales presentation materials, and web sites. Steve has served as mayor and treasurer of the Village of Drummond in Chevy Chase, MD, as treasurer of the Citizens Coordinating Committee of Friendship Heights. Steve currently serves on the Board of the Anne Frank House a non profit charity that houses homeless individuals with mental illness.